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The Beacon is aptly named. Goodwin College is a school with many facets, many sides. Not all of those facets are always visible to us. The literary journal you hold in your hands allows us to shine a light on many of the gifted artists in our midst and, more generally, to shine a light on the role that the arts play in our lives. The humanities -- art, music, and literature - enrich us all. Regardless of our focus or goal or discipline, they inspire us and present us with new ways of seeing the world.

Each year, The Beacon offers a collection of literature exclusively produced by the Goodwin community. The fourth annual installment features poems, short stories, memoirs, commentaries, and plays. In every classroom or office on campus there is a poet or storyteller. Though some of them do not consider themselves to be poets or storytellers, they each possess a unique perspective which, put into writing, has the potential to inspire others.

Literature has the power to enrich any life, and it should be a part of every life. As you read this fourth edition of The Beacon, we're certain that you'll find something to inspire you.

- Brian A. Dixon, Editor

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The Beacon



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