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Zappos Talks to Targeted Marketing & Social Media Students

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The genesis of this video came from a group of students as part of the Fall 2013 semester of BUS 310 Targeted Marketing & Social Media. I assign a case study writing assignment that explores the powerful corporate culture of Zappos. My students in this semester really took to the Zappos story. I encouraged them to “test” the Zappos culture and try to get Tony Hsieh to have a Skype interview with our class. In summary, Tony’s schedule wouldn't allow for a Skype conversation. Rather, he invited students to submit three questions each for him to answer. This video shows him answering the questions.

What strikes me so strongly in this video is not only the quirky Zappos culture but how the students are applauded and called out by name by Tony. This is a guy who sold his first company to Microsoft for a reported $265 million. He later sold Zappos to Amazon for a reported $928 million! He took the time to call out two Goodwin College students! That’s really cool!!

-Dan Noonan, Vice President, Enrollment, Marketing & Communications

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