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2015 Connecticut Information Literacy Conference

Forming Meaningful Partnerships through Embedded Librarianship in Information Literacy

Speakers: Christina Deptulski, Assistant Librarian, Goodwin College Kathy Gavin, Assistant Professor with the Child Study program, Goodwin College

Abstract: Come learn and explore how embedded librarianship is enhancing (providing meaningful student experiences) student success, and how it can be incorporated in your information literacy experiences. Kathy and Christina will discuss how they implemented embedded librarianship in several of the Early Childhood Education classes. Participants will get into groups to discuss and write down how they currently present information literacy in different subject areas. At the end of the session, participants will reflect on and discuss how they would incorporate themselves as embedded librarians in classes. During this time, participants may share their own embedded librarian experiences.

Publication Date

Summer 5-29-2015

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Conference Proceeding


Embedded Librarianship, Partnership, Colaboration, Early Childhood Program, Information Literacy, Integrated Information Literacy


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Teacher Education and Professional Development