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Summer 2000


A multidisciplinary research project in Waterford aims to provide valuable information on new approaches to subdivision design. Intended to compare traditional site engineering techniques with newer ones (known as “best management practices,” or BMPs) for storm water management, it is literally one residential subdivision split in two. Known as Glen Brook Green, it has one portion with 17 building lots on 10.6 acres in a traditional, half-acre zoning pattern with curbs, catch basins, storm sewers and impervious (asphalt) streets 24 feet wide. The other part has 12 lots on 6.9 acres with nontraditional zoning setbacks, grassed drainage swales, and narrower, pervious streets (made with segmental pavers) 20 feet wide. How will storm water runoff quantity and quality differ between the two portions?


Published in the Connecticut Landscape Architect, A publication of The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects



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