Columbia and Britannia: An Alternate History


Columbia and Britannia: An Alternate History



This anthology edited by Brian Dixon and Adam Chamberlain includes nine original stories from six authors. Each delves into events along the timeline between the point of divergence from established history up to the present day, from the uncertainty of early colonial conflicts to the devastation on the front line of the War of Wars, from the politics underpinning a British mission to land a man on the moon to rivalry on the cricket grounds of New England. Accompanied by extensive appendices including maps, biographies, letters and diaries, they collectively describe an alternate history of the sisterhood between a very British North America and Great Britain.

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Fourth Horseman Press


Great Britain -- America -- Fiction -- Alternative Histories (Fiction)


Arts and Humanities | History | Modern Literature | Other American Studies | Other History | United States History


Chapters: Intolerable Acts, Total Emancipation, The Thunderbird, All the Jungle is Thine, Here Grow No Flowers, Flag Day, The Sun Yet Sets, The Last Day of the Old World, The Twelfth Man.

Appendices: Timeline, Biographies, List of British Monarchs, List of Prime Ministers, Letters and documents, Maps and Diagrams.