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Research Report


ENG 300: Advanced Composition




Dr. Randy Laist


The field of Nursing Informatics was initially recognized in the year 1988 as an individual discipline within the scope of the nursing field. The field has grown immensely since the initial inception of Healthcare Informatics, and now systems and professionals are networked over thousands of systems with data read and stored in real time. Today, the vast majority of careers in nursing informatics are dominated by those that hold a Master's Degree in Nursing or at least are certified by the ANCC. These specialists combine clinical knowledge with Information Technology and an ability to educate adults who may or may not have previous experience. Regardless of the new technology available, there will always be a need for information technology (IT) nurses who can effectively implement and maintain an electronic health care system, and can bridge the gap between the IT and clinical professionals. This paper describes the history and speculates on the future of this rapidly evolving field.



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