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This paper will delve into the growing assisted suicide, or euthanasia, debate across the country. Surprisingly this debate goes back even further than most probably realize. A historical timeline reveals that as far back as 5th century BC the Greeks and Romans were not opposed to "mercy killings" (History of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide, 2013) although the Hippocratic oath forbade them from carrying them out. Throughout the centuries the debate continued to spark controversy. One of the most notable advocates was Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He became famous because of his invention, which he called "Thanatron" (Greek for "Instrument of Death")" (Jack Kevorkian, 2015) and has been quoted as assisting 130 people.


Tonia Hancock is a current student at Goodwin College studying to become a Registered Nurse.



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