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A two semester online Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 course was developed with complete online instructions. The lab portion is distributed as “A Lab in a Box” provided by eScience. Students using eScience lab kits have the flexibility of online learning while completing comprehensive hands-on experiments at home. These experiments include dissections, blood typing, blood pressure, lung mechanics, bone and muscle identification, protein and enzyme analysis, histology, reflex testing, etc. eScience provides students with full-color lab manuals, customized kits, safety equipment, video instructions, animations and integration into an LMS. This course accommodates all learning styles giving the freedom students need to work at their own pace. Students are assessed by completing weekly material including discussions, comprehensive lab manual work, lecture and lab quizzes, lab reports, practicals, and lecture exams. The lab reports include pre- and post-lab questions as well as submission of pictures and videos of their experiments. The online lecture exams, lab practicals and course work are generated through McGraw Hill’s software. All graded content are timed and extended times provided for students who need accommodations. Student responses are positive and overwhelming. Students love the ability to work at their own pace, spend less time on travel, more quality time with their families and less out-of-pocket expenses. Students with test anxiety feel comfort and relaxed working in the privacy of their home. Pregnant students, full-time parents and students recovering from surgeries/illnesses can finish their coursework without taking a medical leave thus completing their course requirement.

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Las Vegas, NV


distance learning, online learning, education, health science, anatomy, phsyiology


Education | Medical Education | Medicine and Health Sciences | Online and Distance Education


Presented at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 2013

The Development of Two Anatomy and Physiology Courses that Allows Students to Complete Their Course Requirements at Home Using eScience Labs: Comparison Among Online, Hybrid and On-Ground Courses