Date of Award

Fall 2015

Document Type


First Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Braxton, Ed.D.


Getting comprehensive dental coverage for people who live in improvised communities and who are on Medicaid but can’t find a dentist in their network plan. Interning for COHI for the past four months has really opened my eyes to a lot of disparities in our health care system and inequalities of health care disbursement throughout different communities in the state. I went to a lot of meetings where organization’s dealt solely with getting Medicaid and dental care to individuals who are improvised. The stories that these individuals would tell were very discouraging to hear, about how hard it is to get basic dental care. The main complaint that I heard from these individuals at the Caring Families Coalition meeting with DSS that I attended last week was that yes they would get dentist, who were in their network but when they would call to make appointments. The dentist would inform them that they are currently not taking any new clients at the moment or that the office does not take Medicaid because they have met their quota for that year for how many individuals they need to see who have Medicaid. This can be really frustrating for these individuals because they don’t have any other means of paying for their dental coverage. Therefore they either go without dental health care or they go to the emergency room where they can only provide antibiotics or extractions. This very devastating to hear because a lot of other medical problems arose out of these simple oral hygiene limitations, which, would save the government way more money. That they would spend if they would provide comprehensive dental care to low-income individuals who are on Medicaid.



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