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Dr. Cheryl Braxton, Ed.D.


Connecticut’s disproportionate suspension and expulsion rates plague underserved children. Did you know that Connecticut politicians and researchers are finally turning the curve on a 50 year old deadlock debate regarding disciplinary action within our educational infrastructures? For decades, applying numerical value to intellect and how values are compared, assigned and interpreted has never benefited students with social and emotional deficits. This is called the psychometric approach to intelligence “Based on an assumption that our intelligence can receive a numerical value” (Wechsler, 1938-1958). In the state of Connecticut decades of suspension and expulsion rates plague disenfranchised children and youth with social and emotional shortfalls. Investigators are debunking aged ideologies and policies through evidence-based restorative practices surrounding social and emotional learning environments. This research will examine the new trend and impact of social-emotional learning environments currently being explored by the City of New Haven’s Youth STAT initiative. Born and raised in New Haven Connecticut, my personal experience and adversity are direct contributions to this investigation.



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