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Dr. Cheryl Braxton, Ed.D.


This research paper will discuss how the Human Service field relates to Abnormal Psychology and different mental disorders. Mental health is a part of our emotions, psychological, and social well-being (U.S Department of Health & Human Services). The way we think, feel and act can be altered while living with a mental illness. Mental health can be caused by many different reasons. It can be biological such as genes or brain chemistry, life experiences, trauma, or abuse. There are many different types of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, personality disorder, and more. Individuals also can suffer from substance abuse. However, there are ways to have a positive mental health. There are severely ill people who need guidance and support that need to receive treatment and appropriate services such as professional help and coping skills. One, who lives with a mental health disorder, is someone who may need guidance and support, or around the clock care. Everyone may experience some type of hardship in their live where their support can be family friends that help them to overcome the emotions they are feelings. However, a significant amount of Americans develop mental health and substance abuse issues that call for professional care (Dinitto, 2011). There has been a growth in psychiatric medication to help those functions in society, but mental health professionals would rather focus on preventing mental health issues and provide an intervention (Dinitto, 2011).



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